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Glemsy is a talent scouting agency that searches for dancers (dance groups), aspiring models and show girls to work in Italy.

Glemsy avails itself of the consultancy and experience that Edoardo ARTOM and Mr Alberto (lawyer) have accrued in their respective fields.

Edoardo ARTOM has 10 years experience in the performance, fashion and television sectors in addition to his event organisation experience in night clubs and adult clubs.

The results he has achieved in these sectors have always been excellent and he has managed to achieve nationwide success.

Mr Alberto, lawyer, has extensive experience in the field of international trade relations, with particular focus on the issues regarding the employment of foreign EU and non-EU citizens in Italy.

Glemsy does not consider any proposal for employment in the sex industry or employment that is outside legal parameters and decorum.


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Through their consultants, Glemsy offers all the legal assistance necessary for procuring all documents required to work in Italy for aspiring dancers, show girls or models