Through their consultants, Glemsy offers all the legal assistance necessary for procuring all documents required to work in Italy for aspiring dancers, show girls or models (hereinafter referred to as “artists”).

Glemsy will send the proposed contract from the Italian club or business to the selected artist to be shown to the public authorities of the artist’s countries, to be signed immediately after arrival in Italy.

The club or business involved will also guarantee in writing the accommodation provided to the artist, the salary, plane tickets as well as organising the fiscal and tax compliance of the work contract.

Glemsy will handle all the paperwork for any other formalities required with the Italian Authorities in order to implement a legal and valid working relationship between the Italian club and/or business and the artist.

Where possible and present in the area, Glemsy will also provide all aspiring artists with an appointed consultant to handle all administrative tasks in the artist’s country in order to ensure a speedy entry into Italy.

In countries where Glemsy consultants are not present, the aspiring artists will be responsible for handling all formalities necessary at their Public Authorities personally.